Sunday, July 30, 2006

Toning it down

Yes, now we're getting somewhere! Remember I said not to worry if you don't like something because you can just add more layers. Let's see... today she got a layer of champagne metallic acrylic paint, some pearl metallic paint, and then Pearl-Ex/Varnish mix in layers of Interference Gold, Antique Gold, and Interference Blue. I think I want to add another layer yet of the mix in a rose color, but maybe not. I need to sleep on that one.

Now, if I can just remember what I did so I can make wings that look as if they belong with her. What color???

THEN I get to start with the embellishments. Can't wait to get out the beads!


Linda said...

Oh, Judi! Wow has she changed since my last visit. She is lovely as she is now, so I can't imagine how delightful she will be when finish embellishing her and get he wings on her.
Linda F from FL

Kerry said...

You are great at this Judi, she is fabulous and I'm excited to see her finished along with Judi W. and Mary O.version's!

shashi said...

Hi Judi,
I just saw this my little FS and I can bearly recognise him. Oh he looks wonderful sooo cool. He has turned out to be a right little Beau Brummel LOL! You have all done a wonderful job can't wait for him to come back to me.

Your sculpt is super. All of you are doing such wonderful things with Paverpol that my fingers are itching to play too. But for now I have to sit tight. I have spent too much at EDAC

Judi said...

Fantastic! The colors are really muted now. I just love it - very ethereal. Don't worry about what color the wings are - can't you do multiple layers of paint on those too? That would be fun!