Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Reno Retreat

After a long dry spell, I am once again creating. It seems that our dark and wet winters have a dampening effect on both my creativity and my energy level. And while spring isn't here quite yet, but this year's Retreat gave me the kick start I sorely needed to find some joy in my studio again.

This year's doll features a cloth body, a cloth-over-resin face painted with watercolor pencils, and a base of carved and embellished floral foam.

The front of the base has a niche carved into it, closed by a gate of twisted wire. The embellishments are vintage locks and skeleton keys, metallic and interference paints, and my favorite glitters and microbeads. I haven't thought of anything to display inside the niche yet -- anybody have any ideas??

The back is embellished with more locks and keys, as well as a cricket that came in my goodie bag. Can you spot it in the lower right of this photo?

Perhaps this photo will give you a better look...

Her hat is my favorite part - gosh, it was fun to make! The basic form is made of cardboard pieces cut from a cereal box and held together with masking tape. The whole thing was sealed with acrylic medium, painted gold, and covered with black net fabric. The bmbellishments are lots and lots of tulle, another little lock and key, tiny watch gears, and of course, glitter and microbeads.

Can't wait until next year!