Thursday, July 27, 2006

Gessoed and ready for texture

Doesn't she look better all one color? What a relief!

It's a good thing she's going to be coated with texture medium. I had no idea she was so rough.

I am continually amazed by how much detail these photos pick up that I just *don't see* when the piece is right there in front of me.

Her "inny" belly button turned into an "outy" due to an air bubble that didn't show itself to me until she was baked. Grrrrr.....

And, I still love her little bottom. This photo also clearly shows the break where the torso joins the candlestick. Can you see the line at the base of the ribs?

Whew! It's a GOOD thing she will be clothed!


Linda said...

Judi, you all are making feel I really missed out by not taking Jean's class. You have gotten a lot done on yours and she is looking wonderful. I can't wait to see her when you get the texture on her and her costume.
Linda F from FL

Judi said...

This is just awesome! You really have a talent for sculpting! I'm in awe. ravo!!!

Jean Bernard said...

woooooooooohooooooooo I am loving this sculpt! love the way you made the torso belnd into the candlestick! great butt too !
wonderful work Judi! More pictures please :)