Friday, December 21, 2007

No photos please...

Is it too dumb to go into mourning for one's hair??

It had to go. I *know* this. This doesn't make me like it. But when you have to ask your daughter to put your hair up in a ponytail in order to get some exercise, and you can only reach your head with one hand... it's time for a haircut. I got an appointment with a very good stylist and tipped her well, because I don't actually hate her for cutting my hair off. (2 feet of it!) I might even learn to like it. Later. Maybe after my cast is off and I can do stuff for myself again.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I've really done it this time...

We are going to have to use our old treetop angel this year after all. I ordered some wings for the new one, and they are lovely, but before they arrived I broke my right arm in a fall down our back steps. Oh, that hurt! No sewing for me for a while, or at least until I learn to use a needle in my left hand.

Tomorrow I will be fitted for a new cast that will once again allow me to bend my elbow. Woo hoo! In the meantime, I am training myself to use my left hand rather well -- I look forward to trying out some new ideas after Christmas. I *think* I will be able to do them left-handed...

Gatsby is now firmly established as a housecat. He stalks and pounces on anything that catches his attention...

...even birds on TV. He has brought so much laughter into our home.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Aftermath

I live on the fringes of an area that was visited by a powerful set of twin storms last weekend. While we and our animals were stressed and frightened during the worst of the winds, we escaped with only some debris to clean up and a little water in the basement. Others were not so blessed. I am haunted by the images in the news this week of dairy farms in the Chehalis, WA area that were destroyed in the night by a flooding river. Feed, hay, even the cows... literally washed away. I can't imagine how Jake and I would cope if we were to lose our herd.

Cooincidentally, my husband's brother sold his herd earlier this month, and is grieving their loss as well. This is one of those times that remind us how fragile our lives really are, and I am simply grateful that we are able to continue on. For now at any rate.

On a lighter note, check this out.

Yes, that is one of the kittens that was dropped on our door last fall. One has disappeared without a trace, and another was hit by a car. This little guy came to the door of the house during the storm and sat there and meowed. Then he went to the front porch and sat on the table in front of the living room window and meowed. (The dogs were not amused!)

We finally let him in just to shut him up, and now we can't get him out again. Oh, we can pick him up and carry him out of the house, but as soon as the door opens he is in again. Like a shot! I suppose this means we now have a 4th cat.

I have been complaining for years about my ugly Christmas Treetop Angel. I made it back in the 80's -- it's fake rafia needlepointed onto plastic canvas. At the time I thought it was cute (WHAT was I thinking?!) but it really is quite hideous. So I am making a new one.

This is an angel from a pattern by Leta Benedict. I gave her sleeves and hair this morning. This afternoon I am off to Michael's to see if I can find some wings for her, and something to put in her hands.

I am looking forward to putting up my tree this year!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Two Finished Objects!

The past weeks have been maddeningly busy, but I did manage to finish Emma and Pin-elope between the bouts of madness. I made some rather goofy mistakes... er... design changes to both patterns, but I am still happy with them, and happier still to have actually FINISHED something for a change!

Emma's pattern was designed with seam allowances, but I constructed her with the template method, so she is a little wider than the original. If I make another one, I will add at least one layer of gesso under her paint as well. I don't dare sand her smooth now or I will take off her flesh. Ouch!

Isn't Pin-elope a delightful pincushion? He sits on the little table beside my spot on the couch -- I haven't misplaced my snippy scissors in weeks. Once I finished beading him, I looked again and realized that I had put the little pouf ball that forms his body on sideways. Oh well... he's still cute as can be. I will SURELY make at least one more of these.

Both of these patterns were designed by Jacque Uetz, and can be found at Dollmakers Journey.