Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Even though I haven't been posting, I continue to create. There is just so much going on this time of year on a farm that I haven't had time to sit down at the computer and play with my blog.

In order to prove that, yes there IS a Klimt doll-in progress, I decided to post photos of her as she is at the moment. She is coming along, and I am SO happy with the way her costume is developing. I am less pleased with her wig -- I think the Tibetan lamb is just too fine in scale for a doll of this size. Unless I change my mind, the lamb will become the wig for the severed head, and I will make another wig for her, probably from a fine mohair yarn.

Her beaded collar fits perfectly, and I love the way the bugle beads on the "band" of her belt disguise the raw edges of the fabric. I didn't want to do an exact copy of the jewelry in the painting -- I doubt I could if I HAD wanted to -- but the effect is really good. She needs an armband yet and something on her feet and she's done. Except for the severed head...

I am a little burned out on her at the moment, so I am taking a break to play with a Halloween themed doll.

I wonder if Jean Bernard would recognize this face as being from her lovely and serene "Mother" mold??

This eeny teeny hand is from Sherry Goshon's "Cinnamon" pattern. It took me 5 tries to get 2 decent hands. I don't know if I will attempt anything that small ever EVER again!

I have to go back to work today, and there is still a huge pile of ripe tomatoes on the counter in the kitchen. I'll be back though.

Monday, September 10, 2007

John Denver didn't have a CLUE what he was talking about!

Remember the 70's song "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" that starts out "Well, life on the farm is kinda laid back..."? I am here to tell you right now, that that statement is total CRAP! Behold, our feedwagon...

It SHOULD be upright, attached to a nice little Ford tractor, and moving back and forth through the barns feeding our cows. Except that it has a broken axle, and our faithful repair guys don't have a replacement part. Here's hoping that it comes in SOON!

Take a close look at this photo... see what the men used for a jack? That is a stump of a walnut tree we cut down 8 years ago because it was rotten. I have no idea why that stump is still hanging around, but thank Heaven it was. When you need a prop fast, you grab what's at hand and what works. It makes a good photo too, if you're into farming horror stories...

On a brighter note, my tomatoes are ripening in a Biblical flood right now, and we will have lots of soup this winter! I also have a nice crop of basil that I am putting up as pesto and freezing. Oh, if you could just smell the aromas in my kitchen right now...


I finished Nancy Anne. The Fine Crackle I used on her created a subtle and beautiful antique effect that I am really really pleased with. It makes the whole doll. I wish I had been able to find a fabric for her dress that looked a little more old-fashioned, but bright colors are what's "In" right now, so I did the best I could with what I could find. It's a very pretty fabric, but the scale is a little large I think... I also think she's beautiful, but I am SOooooo sick of her. Poor thing... I don't want to have anything more to do with her for a very long time indeed, LOL!

And, just because I was outside, and the camera was outside with me and it is a fabulously beautiful day in spite of its challenges, I decided to play with the macro setting on my camera. WHAT FUN! Special thanks to Sue K. and Judi W. who actually inspired me to read the complicated parts of my camera manual!!!

I discovered that it's difficult to focus precisely with macro -- what I see in the window is not necessarily what will show in the photo. Also, flowers blowing in the breeze are not the easiest subjects. I took nearly 30 shots, and got 2 worth keeping, which isn't so bad as it's all digital. I love this freedom to play!! I managed to catch my bees feasting in my flowers. Don't they look like they are enjoying themselves?

They especially like my "Graham Thomas" rose bush...

and the thai basil. Heck, *I* like the thai basil too!

Monday, September 03, 2007

"Charmed One" is finished

In celebration of the last official day of summer, the girls had their 2 best friends over for an afternoon of frivolity and eating. Oh my, I would feel young again if I weren't so TIRED, LOL! I didn't think I could get a chance to get a doll done today -- I had a zillion other things to do -- but this evening I just sat down and DID it. The girls popped in some "Miss Marple" DVD's, so I took the opportunity to listen in on their conversations and get some hand work accomplished. I still have some clean up to do in the kitchen and the laundry has gotten behind, but she is DONE.

I am thinking in my mind that I would like to do a beaded fringe under the ruching at her neckline, but then I think back to all the beading I did on my Klimt doll and I tell myself not to be absurd. Maybe some other day... in the meantime, she is DONE.

I had hoped to use her to display my own personal charm bracelet, but as you can see it is broken, though none of the charms are missing. I wonder when that happened...

I also managed to apply the crackle finish to "Nancy Anne". Now I need to hunt down my satin finish varnish and seal her, then she will be ready to dress. I WILL finish 2 dolls this week... if I can find that darned varnish!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

WIP's updated

I've been grabbing every available moment to work on these dolls... this one has 2 layers of gesso, and 2 layers of paint, each of which needed to dry and be sanded before the next could be added. That takes time! Fortunately, each layer went on pretty quickly, and I have plenty of opportunity to let things dry undisturbed now that I am working. sigh...

I just did her face today. One last step yet... I have decided to give her a crackle finish. We are going to the State Fair with the girls this afternoon though, so I will do that tonight when we get home. I wanted to get this "before" shot up before I added the crackle though, so I can observe the change without having to rely on memory.

Her name is "Nancy Anne" in memory of my mother. Mom would have loved this doll.

"Simply Charming" is coming along as well. I had to make an emergency run to Michael's for another tube of Texture Magic for her hair, but I am satisfied with the way it looks now. It was just too skimpy before. I don't know if you can see them in the photo, but I have embedded little flat backed Swarovski crystals in her curls. The effect is very charming...

I had made her a set of sleeves before, but they were too skimpy, so I took them off. I don't dare touch her now though until her hair is completely dry -- I've already squished one of her curls... Another set is in the works and ready to add, and then all I need to do is add the embellishments to her base and give her some charms to display and she will be done.

Could it be possible... will I *really* be able to finish TWO dolls in one week??? we shall see. Stay tuned!