Saturday, July 29, 2006

More layers

She just keeps going and going...

The photo at left shows her with yet another coat of paint (4 colors for highlighting) and varnish mixed with several different colors of Pearl-Ex powder. There is no way to pick up the glow the powders give her with my camera. A very subtle and beautiful effect.

Had to wait for the paint to dry.

Then had to wait for the varnish to dry.

Then it was time to begin layering on some clothing. The lowest layer of her skirt is made of petal shapes of green silk dipped in Paverpol and attached at the hip line. The headpiece and the colored layers of the skirt are made of a piece of knit cotton stockinette. Oooooh, this stuff almost made me say some bad words. Very difficult to control.

Ok... you know what comes next don't you? Wait for the Paverpol to dry. This is getting annoying!

A third layers of stockinette soaked in Paverpol and she is beginning to look properly clothed for a fairy.

I had intended to dress her in colors to make her resemble the colors of a "Peace" rose. Too much fuschia, too much green, not enough yellow, and EVERYTHING is just too vivid. (The whitish color on the skirt is the wet Paverpol. Have to let that dry now. Sigh...)

Will I EVER be able to make something turn out the way I plan in the beginning?? Nevertheless, I am still pleased with the way she is progressing. She still needs wings, another coat of Paverpol, and some embellishments. If I have learned anything at all beyond how to play with some new techniques, it is that I mustn't worry so much if something isn't looking as good as I'd like. I can just keep adding more and more layers of "stuff" and it will look totally different in the end anyway!

Ohhhhhhh, I really REALLY want to add her wings, but no -- they aren't dry yet either!


Jean Bernard said...

Looking Good! I giggled at your descriptions. you can speed up the Paverpol drying by using a blow dryer. :)
Have fun! love watching your work in progress .

Judi said...

I think she looks great! She doesn't look too vivid to me - but then the camera doesn't alway capture what things really look like.

Kai said...

Oh, you sweet girl! Life is all about waiting for paint and stuff to dry, isn't it? Sigh? But it's worth the wait! At least it is in the case of this, your lovely fairy! I told Mary O. earlier that I am so impressed by yours, Judi W.'s, and her version of Jean's lovely class doll. It makes me want so much to take one of Jean's classes! You're doing a marvelous job, Judi! I can't wait to see the finishing touches - just as soon as everything is dry. LOL!