Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stealing Time

I should be at the gym -- pilates class is half over as I type. But today I rebel as I simply *must* make something with my hands besides dinner.

This little head is the beginning of a bust sculpture I am making in Jean Bernard's class at Class Heaven.

I tried very hard not to take this class, but I caved in when I saw what Judi W was doing with her class piece on her Art Doll blog . She is also the one who has been enticing me into the world of paper art. If you check out her blog, you will see why. She is a very talented lady whom I would LOVE to know personally.

Anyway, I managed to get this little head sculpted. The class calls for a press mold for the face, but I don't have one the proper size, and I'd rather make my own anyway. I learned that, even though the color of the clay won't show in the finished piece, it is not a good idea to scuplt a single piece in multiple colors. I should have started over when I began having difficulties seeing details, but I was was too stubborn. Leave it to me t do things the hard way... ;-)

Here is the same head with 2 coats of gesso. As soon as the gesso is dry I can begin to put it together with its pedestal. I am so excited! I love to sculpt! This is my first "eyes closed" head. I'm not crazy about the look -- I like to see a soul behind the eyes -- but I finally managed to sculpt a pretty mouth. It will be interesting to see this character evolve.


Jean Bernard said...

Wonderful start Judi A :) i love it so far. the mouth is great. ah closed eyes can have a soul. just cock the head to one side :)
Hurry! I want to see more !

Jean Bernard said...

Great job thus far Judi :) So glad you came to join us in the class. The mouth looks great and ya know? closed eyes can have a soul too. Just cock the head to one side and it just might speak to you :)
Hurry! I have to see more.

Jean Bernard said...

well, lets try this again. I have tried to leave you a comment 3 times now lolol I am gettin old!
Great job thus far. So glad you came to join us in class. Love the ears by the way and the mouth is great!
hey you can have soul with closed eyes :) just cock the head to one side. She just might speak to you.
Have fun! look forward to more pictures.

Judi said...

I KNEW you would make an awesome sculpt for this class! I can't wait to see what you do! Could you imagine the dragon wings that you made on this type sculpt? It would change the whole look.

It sure would be fun to meet someday wouldn't it! Maybe someday we can all go to EDAC or Doll U or something! Or put our own conference on!