Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Magical Sculpt

Yes, Magical I say. This body practically sculpted itself.

This photo was taken outside in later afternoon sunshine. I thought I would get truer color this way, but it didn't work out that way. The clay did darken a bit in baking, but not nearly this much!

I had a little trouble with the candlestick base. It was too wide for the torso so I had to sand it down with the Dremel. You can still see a hint of an outline of the top of the candlestick under the clay, but it's all going to be covered with other things so I won't worry about it too much. I would have peeled off the clay and resculpted if I had intended to leave her nude.

I really need to get a photo reference of anatomy. There is still something not quite exactly right with her neck tendons.

This is the back view. She actually has a much cuter little bottom than this photo shows. It will be a little bit of a shame to cover it up.

True confessions time... I find I enjoy sculpting little butts.

I have to gather my courage and get working on a full body sculpt soon.

Anyway, she's cool enough now for a layer of gesso. Off to find the paintbrush!

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Judi said...

Your true confession is killing me - my sides hurt from laughing! I bet I'd like to sculpt little butts too - one that I would love to have myself instead of the extra wide one I do!