Monday, October 23, 2006

Second layer of color added

I got quite a good long time to myself yesterday afternoon by electing NOT to go to the gym with Jake so I could paint instead. I added the next layer of color to Lydia's portrait.

I see that I need to correct the line of the shoulder on the left, and add the highlight that will give her the hint of a smile on the left side of her mouth. There is something not quite right about the line of her chin on the right side too -- she does NOT have that stubborn of a set to her mouth, though she can be quite stubborn at times...

The undercolor of her hair is just right, as is the beginning of the background. I love the way the denim of her jacket turned out. Now I need to add in her necklace.

I hope I haven't lost too much of the first drawing for when it comes time to add in the details of the face.

Yay! It's class again tomorrow -- I can't wait!


Kai said...

Judi, I'd give ANYTHING to paint like you! She's coming along beautifully! I'm wondering - is there anything you CAN'T do, sweet girl?

Judi said...

It's looking great! Enjoy your class !!