Monday, October 30, 2006

I seem to be even worse than usual lately about taking off in 47 different directions at once. This time though, I can't help it -- I'm taking a live class and 2 online classes all at the same time. Trying to keep up with the homework in each is preventing me from actually *finishing* anything. Just wait... in a little while I'll be posting lots of FO's.

Yes, I will!

No progress to report on the portraits. We had a guest demonstrator in class last week. It was absolutely amazing to watch him go from a blank canvas to a portrait over the course of 3 hours. I learned a lot, but didn't get any painting done. I'm not sure what to do next, so I'll get started again after tomorrow's class.

I did make some progress on my Pam Grose doll. I had to order a different "skin" fabric for her as the stuff I had on hand just wasn't right. The new stuff came this weekend, so I'll try to get her skinned and photographed today or tomorrow. This pattern is becoming quite a challenge.

I am taking an online class called "Inner Child" by Sherry Goshon at Joggles. It's a multi-media assemblage using all kinds of materials selected around a theme. I had so much fun painting the background canvasses that I couldn't stop at 1. I have 5 begun at the moment... The larger ones are 11x14 and 16x20 inches. The 2 smaller ones are each 8 inches square. I really like that size.

I also have some tiny canvasses to play with, but I haven't painted them yet. I think I have enough going at the moment!

The faces are lifted from molds I took of my own sculpts. Hmmm... I see now that the face on the purple canvas is too big for its shape. I'll have to play with that one a bit more. The shapes are cut from cardboard and covered with acrylic texture medium.

I want to wait now before I do any more to them until the last class is posted. I need to be able to *see* where all this is going before I make any more choices. I DON'T want to screw these up!

These are two of the sculpts I made to take molds of. The third one is misplaced this morning. I'll have to hunt her down as she's my favorite and I want to make a complete figure out of her later. Not all of the faces are from my original sculpts. I have a few commercial molds as well, but I don't know if I will be using them. Maybe some of the tiny ones on the smaller canvasses...

The faces are all pressed out of either paper clay or La Doll. Can't stand working with either one but they make nice castings so as long as I have it I might as well use it up.

Now the hunt is on for related objects to add in. The last lesson will be posted on Thursday. I am DYING to see how we are going to be wrapping this up!


Kai said...

Busy, busy lil' Judi! Your InnerChild is coming along beautifully! I'm eager to see everyone's different takes on that class! You're amazing - you can do SO many various types of creations. I am always eager to view your blog & see what you're working on!

Judi said...

This looks interesting - I'm going to have to try this myself!! I love the yellow/orange spiral background with the dancer(?). It really speaks to me without you going any further!!!

MaryO said...

Judi, you're setting the woods on fire with this wall project! I really like all of them. I plan to do wings for my "singing angels" so I was pleased to see the ones you've done! LOL!!! It's fun to know that I'm not the only one going in all different directions at once!!!!!!!!!
Love, MaryO

Shashi said...

Wow Judi these are beautiful. I love the way you have painted the canveses. I think my favourite is the yellow and orangie swirling one with the dancer in the middle. I think that is going to be stunning.