Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Quiet Sunday

We stayed home and slept in this morning -- the whole family has been so on-the-go this week that it has been the height of luxury to simply do nothing. I could get used to this...!

I did get bored after a while though, so I decided to do the last finishing touches on my Dungeon Master. Here he is. I gave him a very ornate key chain, a bejeweled turban, and his very own dungeon steps to pose on. I am so happy with the bent leg pose -- it gives him better balance and a more active look.

Who would have thought that the funny little head with the mismatched eyes I posted a few weeks ago could become such a figure?! I am aware of his flaws -- oh, those hands! -- but I am still happy with the outcome.

This little lady is "Spring Chicken", a round robin doll it was my turn to work on. I thought I would be brave and give her a face. (Someone has to!) The head itself had rather full lips sewn in to the outline, so I decided to go for an "Ethnic Bird" look in keeping with the theme that has already been set. I'm not sure I entirely suceeded in what I was attempting to do -- her eyes ended up a little too close together -- but I don't think I need to be ashamed of my contribution.

To tell the truth, I kind of wish I could keep her. I have a zillion ideas as to how she should be finished. I look forward to seeing a photo of her when she has made the rounds of all the artists who are to contribute to her creation and see how she turns out.

And finally, I want to share my wonderful "Living Dolls". Last night was the big Homecoming Dance at the High School, so of course I had to get pictures of the girls in their gowns. I did get some nice ordinary "stand still and smile" photos, but this one is by far and away my favorite picture as it captures their personalities so well. Alice is SUCH a diva, and Lydia was elected to be a Senior Class representative on the Court this year -- oh my, and isn't she proud of her tiara!

I'M proud of THEM!


Jacque Uetz said...

I thought at first this photo was a page from a magazine .You have a right to be proud of these two beauties, I bet they are lots of fun too!!!!

Linda said...

I love the dungeon master- he is amazing and the costume you created for him really made him come alive!
The RR face is a winner- I don't blame you for wanting to keep and complete her.
As for your daughters- wow! what beauties and yes, I can see the oodles of personality they both have- perfect picture!
Linda F from FL

Judi said...

I don't know where to start!!! Your girls look absolutely divine ... isn't it fun to see them all dressed up like that!!

The dungeon master came out fantastic! His keyring and steps are awesome - perfect finishing touches.

I think you did an amazing job on the RR face! I was afraid to tackle that myself.

You've been busy !!!

Jeff said...

I am totally amazed by the dungeon master and what you have done with him. That piece belongs in a doll magazine and definitely like that you used the plum color for the cloak.

The RR doll looks great and you did wonderul with the eyes. She definitely has class and hope you post a finished pic of her.

Your daughters are beautiful and love the non posed pic that you posted.

Kai said...

What a fun and wonderful entry this was to read! Your Dungeon Master is outstanding! I am blown away by the great job you did creating and putting him together! He's DEFINITELY magazine quality! And your doll face is BEAUTIFUL! I think her eyes compliment her lovely wide lips! What a shame you can't keep her! But you DO get to 'keep' those two beauties in their lovely attire! Such pretty, pretty girls. LOADED with charisma! Thank you for a VERY terrific update to your blog! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh you have lovely daughters!
I think so too that you don't have to be ashamed of your doll face. It looks great. It will be interesting to see how she looks in the end.
That anonymous comment was by me by the way. I keep forgetting to add my name as I can't comment other than being anonymous.

MaryO said...

Oh! I'm glad someone on the list mentioned your dragon master! He's terrific and I would have hated to miss him in his finished state! And I love what you did with the RR doll....I'll be getting her soon I'll bet!
But wow, what lovely living dolls you have! And they look like such fun, too. Hmmmmmmm, is that a trail of broken hearts I see behind them??? They're beautiful.