Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just checking

Painting day! I started getting some details in place on Lydia's portrait today. I thought I'd snap a quick photo to check my work -- I am always amazed how reducing a piece to 2 dimensions gives me such a MUCH clearer picture of flaws. And there usually are flaws... sigh...

On the whole though, I am not unhappy with where I am so far! I need to add the shadows that will define the ball of her nose and add quite a bit of color to her lips. The background above her head needs to be toned down too. Her right pupil got away from me and is too big, but I won't touch it until the paint dries a bit. I have learned that it is almost as easy to make mud with oil paints as it is with watercolors!

The likeness is good though. Her hair is about perfect and I can't believe how easy it was to put in her necklace. I had been worrying about that little detail -- it's one of her signature pieces -- but I think I got it right in about 5 minutes.

I have to start thinking about another picture to paint next.


Kai said...

I'm absolutely blown away by this, Judi! What an amazing painting! I'd give anything to be able to do something this wonderful! Kudos, applause, giant hugs, and roses tossed at your feet, my lil' friend! Beautiful!

Isabella said...

Judi, I think your painting is just amazing. What a wonderful talent you have!
Linda F from FL