Saturday, April 01, 2006

Crayola Rain

I love Spring Break, if for no other reason that it IS a lovely break in a routine gone dull over the winter. This year we returned to the Sea Gypsy in Lincoln City, OR. I never ever get tired of looking out to sea and listening to the waves. It rained most of the times we were there. This is a shot of the rare spot of sunshine we saw. I took about 7 photos of this sunset and none of them were the same. I get so excited by all the colors!

OK, so it usually rains -- and this year was no different -- but that's why I always bring along something to do that doesn't need to be done outside. I usually bring along my knitting, and sometimes drawing supplies. This year I didn't feel like knitting, and for some reason known only to the spirit that inspired my hand to move, I threw in a box of crayons with my drawing supplies.I guess I was in the mood for crayons! I had so much fun just playing with the c0lors. The 2 ladies just sort of grew out of playing around with what I know about average facial proportions. The fish is the only "planned" drawing in the group. I hope to do a painting from this design once I get the idea down a little better.
I never did get out my Official Artist's Tools...

This is one of our "neighbors" for the week. I don't know what we were doing that he found so fascinating, but he sat there on the fence outside our door for quite a while watching us!

I love love LOVE going to the Coast, but I am happy to be home again now. It was wonderful to spend such a good amount of time together as a family. It was a little hard to have Jake go back to work today, and then Monday the girls will be back to school too. Sigh...

On the other hand, it will also be fun to get back to my projects in progress. That is, IF I catch up with the laundry, LOL!

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