Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Here we go... something *totally* new for me. I've never worked abstractly before, but ignorance is bliss and I am just charging in regardless. I want to do a series of elementals, and I am beginning with my own element, "water".

The figure is just a suggested female form in a fluid pose. The face and hands will be sculpted. I also plan on doing some wave-like forms around the base, but I used up all my epoxy clay on the dragon, so I have to order some of that ASAP.

Thoughts of pearls, peridots, and aquamarines are swirling around the edges of my thoughts, but I don't quite know how I want to encorporate them yet...

Her mask came out a little more realistic than I wanted, but I love it so much that I am determined to use it anyway. I had an AWFUL time sculpting a profile -- there is a lot more space between the center of the nose and the edge of the cheekbone than shows in a photograph, that's for sure! I finally had to get Lydia to let me stare at her face for few minutes to get a feel of how a profile is put together.

I long for the day when I just *know* the stuff I need to know and I don't always have to be figuring out the little things from scratch.

I can see from this macro shot that she isn't nearly as smooth as I thought when she went into the oven either. I spent what seemed like ages smoothing that clay too, darn it! That's OK though, sandpaper is cheap, and paint covers a multitude of sins, LOL!

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