Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Blessed Easter!

We had a lovely holiday weekend -- busy but very fulfilling, and a blessing in every way. Unfortunately, it also meant 3 entire days with no art at all! With the many distractions of church, family, dairy business (ASK me about my audit with the gentleman from the State Employment Department yesterday!) and general holidaying, my attention has been more fragmented than I would have liked. Fortunately, my faithful spinning wheel is always there to keep my hands busy when my mind isn't able to focus on what they are doing.

The three pink skeins are a blend of romney wool and mohair from a farm just north of here. It was a delight to spin -- almost spun itself! -- but a little more coarse than I had anticipated. This will go nicely into a future weaving project, I'm sure

The brown is a wool/luxury fiber blend that is softness itself, but a bit lumpy. Definitely a character yarn.

I got a little work done on my Water Spirit on Friday as planned. I put in a DVD and made the "splash" armatures. These were constructed in the same way as the wings of my dragon bust.

(I have to think of a name for that guy yet...)

It took the entire movie to make the 5 armatures, but I am very pleased with the form so far. Alas, they aren't quite sturdy enough to bear the weight of the polyclay, so I will reinforce them with some Aves Apoxy.

This is not a hardship as I have been dying for an excuse to give the Aves a try. I loved the Magic Sculpt, and I am eager to see how the Aves compares.
This is a close up of the armature. You can see how well it fits the base and the figure form.

I didn't measure or plan, just "eyeballed" it. I get in trouble sometimes with my "seat of the pants" approach to planning a project, but it worked for me this time.
This morning I finally got a chance to get back to work on it and cover the armatures with the Aves. Interesting stuff... stickier than the Magic Sculpt, but easier to blend and perhaps a touch easier to handle. When you come right down to it, it's about exactly the same though.

OK, now what! The day has barely begun, and I am stuck waiting for my clay to harden. Growl!

I COULD always go clear off the top of my work table, which became the universal repository of stuff when the carpet cleaner was here last week...

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