Thursday, April 13, 2006

Miniscule progress... grrrrr!

As much as I love spending Thursdays with Jake, I do begrudge the time away when I have an idea hot on the burner. I managed to get a bit of work done on my Water Spirit, and I do have to wait on the arrival of my epoxy clay before I can begin sculpting the base embellishments... No matter -- tomorrow is Friday so I will have the entire morning and afternoon for uninterrupted work!

Oh my, I think I got more accomplished than I thought. This is quite wonderful! I put on the first layer of paint on the figure itself. I like the shading of the blues, but I think I want to see a little more variation in the hues themselves. Perhaps some green and purple...

Oh geez, not again. Listen to me. No, no, not again! I have GOT to get away from that color scheme. The next Spirit Elemental is going to have to be Fire for sure!

Here is the painted face ready to be attached to the form. I am pleased with the way the colors turned out -- the first attempt was too awful to show. Isn't it amazing what a little Pearl-Ex powder can do??!

I also managed to shape and tape the hand armatures. The one on the right has the first layer of clay added. Now for some real sculpting challenges! I haven't attempted realistic hands yet.

I learned a cool trick for making hands the same size from Maureen Carlson's Family and Friends in Polymer Clay. This jig is just so slick!! The pattern in the book was an exact fit for my figure, but it would be as easy as anything to size it up or down for a larger or smaller figure. The only problem I encountered was in the size of the wire -- the author recommended 18 gauge, but I found it to be much too heavy for a hand this size.

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