Thursday, April 27, 2006

Irish Eyes Have A Reason to Smile at Last!

This is "Gracie", designed by Sherry Goshon and made by me. I adore her little Mona Lisa smile, don't you? Sherry's faces are so expressive! Just look at those gorgeous green eyes. :-)

Gracie herself has been sitting (hatless) in my collection for several years, while the figure of her little rag doll has been languishing on the floor under my cutting table for just as long. (poor baby...!)

I cleaned my sewing room this week, and now have 9 (!) unfinished dolls sitting on my cutting table. I didn't even count the ones sitting in the laundry basket where I store my supply of doll hair. (Ooooh, ouch... cringing!)

This morning I picked up the little raggedy, dressed her, gave her some hair, and made Gracie's hat. I think I put in maybe 2 hours work total. A bunch of the other beings awaiting completion are just as near to being finished. Hmmmm... I am seeing a pattern here, but I'm not sure quite what it means...

Perhaps I just like to go shopping for more patterns and supplies!

A couple of them were false starts; they have been dismantles and reduced to their parts for recycling. Some are stalled due to "operator error" -- I hating fixing mistakes! -- these have had the mistakes undone and are ready to resume progress. Whew!

I think I might just finish some dolls this week.


Kai said...

Oh, she's just WONDERFUL! And, YES! Sherry's faces ARE marvelous & expressive, but you have given her your own flair and I just LOVE her. Don't think of the dolls as unfinished! Look at them and say, "Wow! Look how many I have a head start on doing!" You're amazing!

Judi said...

She's beautiful! You have done a wonderful job with her. What on earth are you going to do with all the dolls when you get them finished? I can see a doll tea party coming up!