Friday, October 21, 2005

Sudoku: An Addict's Tale

It started innocently enough... a puzzle in the daily paper. Just a little pencil play to pass the time, right? Sigh...

I solved the first puzzle easily. Feeling smug, I tackled the puzzle in the next day's paper too. Oh oh, not so easy this time. OK, that's fine. That's why we invented White-Out after all, right. I mean, nobody types anymore. (Do they??) I solved it. Eventually.

I let it go. For a few days, I did no puzzles, being busy with the rest of my life and all.

The day came when I was able to solve a puzzle with a more advanced difficulty rating. Triumph!! Sweet! (See previous post if you need to read more bragging...)

You have to know what's coming next, don't you?

I discovered Sudoku... ONLINE! (Miniclip:Sudoku) Birds sing soothingly while I play. Not only that, it keeps my time and records my stats. My record for solving the "hard" puzzle is 11:47. That's right. I keep track.

Unfortunately, Sudoku is not a pass time one can discuss in public. People don't like it. I get the feeling that they would almost rather that I correct their grammar. So, I keep Sudoku and my opinions on proper speech patterns to myself.

However, before I burst, I will allow myself this one last tiny public mention of my secret hobby. Today's paper included a puzzle rated at a 5 star difficulty level. It was difficult alright. Fiendishly difficulty. It took me several false starts and 2 pieces of scratch paper but -- duh duhduh DAAAHHHH! -- I did it.

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li said...

hey there! I love your site, such varitey!
I went to the game site and dont see the directions... all it says is that you have to fill in all of the boxes, but what is the logic? I mean HOW do you play?