Thursday, October 27, 2005

More Clay Play

I got to play with my clays yesterday. Nobody had to be anywhere so I had the whole day at home to myself without having to watch the clock. The doll I made in Angela Jareki's "Makiera" class was first up on my list to work on. All she needed was her walking staff and she is ready to roam. The staff itself is a little out of proportion to the doll -- I should have used a thinner dowel as a support -- but I am not going shopping. NOT!

(...not going shopping... not going shopping...)

I think I will add some embellishment to her boots yet, and perhaps another dangle on the staff. I also need to tame her hair somehow. The back view is very flyaway.

On the whole though, I am very pleased with her, especially her pretty face and her clothes! I think I will make a bag like hers for my own some day. The color orange is really growing on me.

And then there are these 2 little guys. A while ago I bought some glow-in-the-dark Sculpey to play with. It sounded like fun, though at the time I had no idea what I was going to do with it. An artist on a Yahoo! polymer list posted some photos of some little ghost beads she had made out of the same stuff. They were so cute I had to try some myself.

The one on the right is my first attempt. I'm not crazy about him, but in the interests of full disclosure, here he is. Gads, a close-up photo isn't doing him any favors here either. Sigh... His facial sculpt is pretty crude; I tried to rescue it with some paint, but... it isn't working for me. (My husband thinks everything I make turns out wonderfully; I tell him that's because I don't show him the duds.) Maybe I can rescue him with some embellishment. I am thinking a chiffon drape along the lines of the Grim Reaper's cowl. Otherwise he will just have to retire to the "parts" basket.

The little guy on the left is the result of my second attempt. I am much happier with the way he turned out, though he's more cute than scarey. I really really need to practice sculpting faces. If I get some time this aftgernoon, I'm going to string him into a necklace to wear on Halloween.


Judi said...

Your Makeira turned out fabulous! Did you do the flat face? If so your face came out great - lots of dimension. Boots look good too - glad you were able to get them figured out!

JudiA said...

Thanks Judi--
Yes, her face is flat. The features "popped" when I got bold with the white pencil. So, when are you going to finish your, hmmmm? LOL!