Thursday, October 13, 2005

Introducing my first OOAK Polymer Sculpture

Yes! I am finally able to post a photo of my first polymer sculpture. Blogger is still a little tempermental on me this morning...

Isn't he cute??! I LOVE this little guy. He has a few "moonies" (oh, the vocabulary you learn when you pick up a new medium ) and I overdid the gloss varnish on his eyes so that he looks a little teary eyed, but I am still quite pleased with my work. I learned a lot in the making of him and I can't wait to get him dressed and accessorized.

Yesterday I bought a magnifier lamp to clamp to my work table. I believe it will help me with the detail work as well as give me a little more direct light. I work in front of a north window which is wonderful, but doesn't do much for me in the evenings, especially now that the days are getting so much shorter. I am going to concentrate on improving the surface texture of the clay before baking.

I also began a new sculpture, this time of a unicorn. I've got the proportions about right; now I just need to get the clay in the right places on the armature. I also need to think about how I want to do the horn. I wonder if making and baking it first would be the best way to go. And then do I want a clay or a mohair mane...? Leaning toward mohair at the moment, I think.

The girls had me sit through "Lost" on TV with them last night. Thank goodness for handwork or I would go mad with boredom. Not that it isn't a fairly decent show - for TV anyway - but I just don't have the attention span for it. At least I got a bit more done on Alice's stocking.

Dare I try to upload a progress photo?

Yes, it worked! I love it when things do what they are supposed to do... I had to actually re-scan the work as the original scan was simply not uploading for whatever unknown reason. There are a couple more hours of work completed in this photo. Sigh... I really wanted to do a process series to keep myself motivated. This will have to do.

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Judi said...

this is a first attempt? Wow! I can't wait to see what you do next. You just might have found your medium!