Tuesday, October 18, 2005

October Flat Stanley Doll

This is my Flat Stanley round robin doll for this month. Her "mom" is Denise Dodd, who created the basic goddess form in honor of her Russian great grandmother, and sent her on her way. "Goddess" is now 6 months into her 18 month journey, which will cover the entire United States, and include stops in Canada, Great Britain, and Israel!

It is becoming more challenging to add to the dolls as they pass through the hands of more artists, but this lady let me know the moment she arrived and in no uncertain terms that she is a mermaid, if you please, and just where is her tail!? "A mermaid in a Babushka?" I asked her. "Of COURSE a mermaid in a babushka!" she replied. She is, after all, Russian. Are there not oceans in Russia?

I am duly humbled by my ignorance. Isn't playing with dolls fun?

There was a package of fibers included with her. I am going to use a bit of each and combine them with some fibers of my own to create a fiber collage. Free motion machine embroidery will hold the whole thing together. I intend to use the resulting "fabric" to create an overlay for her lower body and a tail to add to the bottom. Perhaps a few beads and pearls... now if only my hands can recreate my vision!

This is a scan of the fibers laid out on water soluble stabilizer in preparation for stitching into a collage. The stabilizer is clouding the colors a bit; you can't see the angelina sparkle at all in this scan. I am pretty happy with the distribution of the colors and textures though. Now for the stitching. I am a bit torn over what to use for thread. I only pictured the front side of the doll; the reverse side is all cool blues and greens. Quite the contrast! I want the stitching to be reversable... Hmmmmm...

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