Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I am having a bit of trouble today uploading photos to the blog. Darn -- I have a lot to show. I've already lost 2 drafts of today's entry, so I will just keep typing and see if I can publish at least this one lonely photo!

This is my project from this past weekend. I wanted to do another sculpt, and I found the instructions for this little guy at Polymer Clay Express. The instructions said he would take about half an hour. BWAAAA HA HA HA HA...! I should have known better. I am getting a real feel for the clay now though, and a more instinctive understanding of which tool I need to grab for which job. It still took me several hours to make this little guy.

Speaking of tools, I have way too many tools. :-) Seriously, I need to edit my carving collection down to the tools I actually use so that I am not fumbling through a whole pile. Sometimes my magpie tendencies can get in the way of my efforts. It's so much fun to collect them though!

I also want to post a progress scan of Alice's Christmas stocking, another view of this dragon, and a progress shot of my polymer wood elf. The wood elf has a head, face, and hair now. He still needs a loin cloth and some accessories. I am thinking an armband, a headband, and some earrings. I'd love to put a dagger on him somewhere too, but acquiring one is the difficulty. Where would I ever find one to the proper scale?? (wailing pitifully...)

I am going to publish this now though because I honestly don't think I could face having to type it one more time!

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