Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Finished Object #4

This is the Celtic Dragon pattern from Soft Dolls & Animals January 2001 issue. I began working on him almost as soon as he was published. I finished him this morning.

This finishing business is both fun, and a drag. It is absolutely delightful to posess this special creature at last, AND get him off of my studio floor. On the other hand, in the end it became a matter of just doing the work. (OK, I admit, working with the Lumiere paints was fun. )

Once I learn what I want to learn from a pattern, well, the motivation to finish goes right out the window. As much as I love this little guy, I don't really feel as if he is truly *mine*. Anyone who knows dolls will look at him and know instantly that he is Melinda Small Patterson's, even though every stitch was done by me.

One down, too many to think about right off the bat left to do. I wonder if it would be motivating or discouraging to actually make a list...

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