Monday, February 27, 2006


Left Profile

I had the worst time photographing this guy today. Finally I just went and grabbed the tripod and set him up with some black paper as a background. Not too bad... some day I may finally get the hang of this photography stuff.

I managed to cut off the tip of his nose in this shot though. Hmpffff...

One of his spikes broke when I tried to use it as a handle and put just a little too much leverage on it. My daughter thinks I should leave it this way and call it his battle scar. I am not convinced, especially since I got so enthusiastic with all the crystals and pearls in his breastplate. He even has pearls around his eyes.

Right Profile

This is a little better photo, though it gives the viewer a prime shot of the crater that was left where one of his spikes fell out when I baked him. A little glue should put that to rights once he is totally cooled, but Arghhh!

On the other hand, I have proof at last that the expression in both eyes is more or less the same. What a relief. It took forever to even them out and I still wasn't sure.

Full Face and Breast Plate

I didn't notice this photo being out of focus when I edited it, but it seems a little fuzzy here. This one gives you a good look at his forehead jewel though, and an idea of what the whole breastplate looks like. I am not sure what I am going to do to protect all those jewels when I paint him. I'll think of something.

The idea for his embellishments was born when my other daughter asked where his jewels were as I was sculpting the scales of his breastplate. "Jewels??" I asked. She then referred me to the description of Smaug, the dragon in The Hobbit. I would never have thought of them myself, so I added a few Swarovski crystals as jewels. Not bad! But those few seemed a little too few, so I just kept adding more.

And more.

And then one of my dollmakers' lists got involved in a discussion of drag queens and their costumes, and it IS Mardi Gras this week... I decided to add some pearls too. Just for good measure.

You don't think I went too far overboard, do you?

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Judi said...

Nah - no such thing as too much embellishment! I wonder if you could put Vaseline on the jewels when you paint him. The vaseline should protect it from the paint and you could just wash it off when done. You'd have to seal the paint first though. Just an idea.