Friday, February 24, 2006

SOoooo Psyched!!

It's tough to tell, but these are teeth, horns, and an interesting warm grey polymer blend all set to flesh out my dragon bust.

As a rule, Fridays are a challenge for me -- I am pretty much home alone ALL day with no one to talk to and it always seems as if there isn't a whole lot to do. This is pure nonsense, of course. I ALWAYS have things to do, but getting up the gumption to actually DO them is another story.

So anyway...

Today I resolved to: NOT read about sculpting, NOT read computer messages, NOT play Sudoku, and NOT take a nap or watch a video or clean up my work room or any of the zillion other ways I have of avoiding a challenging project. (I really am my own worst enemy some days.)

I turned on the radio, warmed up my clay and got to work.

Oh my!!!

I can almost *see* the fire about to burst from these nostrils!

He still needs to be smoothed and textured. He needs teeth. And of course... WINGS! But I am so confident that he will turn out well in the end. I really feel as if I am finding a "touch" with the clay. I CAN make it do what I want it to do.

Now THAT'S a feeling of power.

I LIKE it, oh yeah!

While the teeth and horns were baking and cooling, I had time to play around with Christi Friesen's dragon techniques. This little guy, (who has way more personality than he should be entitled to,) if he continues to develop well, will become a gift for my oldest daughter's 17th birthday in March. His colors are much more pastel than they appear in this photo, but he delights me! I think he will look well strung with some pearls and aquamarines...

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