Tuesday, November 29, 2005

After the Feast...

It's the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and I am beginning to feel human again after a week with a cold. "A cold?" you say. "Pshaw, what's a little cold..." "A COLD!" I say, "and if you think it's nothing, I will be glad to share it with you..."

Seriously now, I think the only waves of guilt I am feeling about my inactivity come from myself. Everyone was very kind and understanding as they kept their distance while I hacked and wheezed.

I did manage to get some spinning done. I washed up 4 skeins today -- I'll post a photo when they're dry. The fiber closet is still full, (looking in their gives me new sympathy for the Miller's Daughter from the old fairy tale!) but I can at least put a toe in now. It has been satisfying to spin up multiple skeins of yarn for future weavings, rather than sampling. I will have enough soon for another blanket. It's almost as satisfying as fondling and buying new fiber. :-)

I also picked up my knitting again, seeing as how we had company and I couldn't disappear into the studio. A while back I bought a box lot of yarn on eBay that included some lovely Colinette Mohair (the pale blue ball in the upper left.) I am working it up, accented with handspun leftovers in coordinating colors, in "Old Shale" on size 11 needles into a throw. It's a lovely mindless job I can do anytime, anywhere, even when nursing a cold. I should probably provide a better photograph, but I couldn't bear to interrupt Mocha's nap. She's a good kitty.

I hope this cough goes away in a few days. In the meantime, I will knit, watch a few movies, and babysit the printer while I get the farm's year-end tax information ready for a visit to the accountant on Thursday.

I'd really REALLY rather be sculpting!

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