Monday, November 21, 2005

This was my little corner of the world for this past weekend. It's only a little church craft bazaar, but it's a venue!

Friday was pretty discouraging -- the weather was perfect, but still very few people came, and of those who DID come, not many were buying.


Saturday went much better. I made enough to cover some serious Christmas gift buying at any rate. On the whole, it was a pretty good year. My table was flanked by the tables of 2 friends, so there was always someone to talk to.

This a close up of some of my items. 3 of the dolls sold (yippee!) as did a lot of the jewelry pictured. None of these scarves went this weekend, but a friend wants to buy one of them after she gets paid. The large shawl on the manaquin sold. Finally! This is the 3rd year I've had that one on display!

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