Thursday, December 29, 2005

An Old Friend Newly Met

I haven't thought of a name for this lady yet... She's a bit of an enigma you see, though she perches so demurely on the edge of my computer shelf...

Her parts have been on the floor tucked under my cutting for... er... I've forgotten how many years. They were acquired in a swap on the Friends of Cloth Dolls list, but were never assembled because the body piece that came in the assortment I received was too small in proportion to the rest of the parts. I finally got around to making a new one for her and getting her put together.

I especially wanted to have this doll, because her head was made by Gabe Cyr, a doll artist whose work I particularly admire. I wish now that I had made her hair a little less realistic to better match the style of her face. But... but... I only just learned how to weft mohair and this batch turned out so well, and the colors were just right -- I couldn't resist.

I'm afraid the glue is permanent. Sigh...

I like her. I also like the newly clean little corner of floor under my cutting table. I'm afraid there are a few more unassembled personalities under there still.

Right now though, I am having too much fun knitting -- it is a much more sociable activity than doll making, and I can enjoy it while also enjoying the company of my holiday guests. I'll post photos soon of the socks and gloves I made so far this month.

Then I really will get around to sorting through those doll parts under the table!

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