Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Instant Gratification

I took some time from the Finishing Quest to make some pin dolls for a swap on doll street. I need to add the pin backs yet, but otherwise they are ready to mail out, and not at the last minute this time either. LOL.

Hmmmm... I see now that I should have put something in the photograph with these dolls to give an idea of scale. The little orange and green one is 4" long, the purple and orange ones are each 5" long, and the green one is 6".

I don't usually like to do such small projects, but these left me with enough room to play and experiment without feeling as if I was "doing crafts". It is a weird personal prejudice, I know; my family knows better than to call me "crafty." Oh dear!

The green one was my favorite to make. The face was done with polymer clay in a press mold, and them embellished after the style of Christi Friesen . I love her work! The fabric for the body was done on an old Weave-It using some handspun wool/silk yarn. The square was then folded over some copper wire and embellished with beads. The hand and foot beads tickle me to pieces!

I'd kind of like to keep the orange one. The beaded fringe on the arms is tipped with some of the prettiest Swarovski crystals I have ever found. But I have another one like it started... I may even finish it some day.

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Judi said...

These are lovely. You know, the best part of hosting a swap is that each of these little beauties will pass through my hands on the way to their new homes. Can't wait to see them!!!