Thursday, October 30, 2008

Words to Live (and Create!) By

This month's newsletter from Dollmaker's Journey included a quote that is too good not to pass on. They posted it as "Anonymous", but a quick googling found an attribution to Elaine Normandy. I have no idea who Elaine Normandy is but I like the way she thinks!

Art is too much fun
to be restricted to those
who are good at it!

Is that great or what?! This is my new motto, LOL.

One more quick thing for today... I joined a new Yahoo! group for polymer clay artists last month and am having so much fun there that I want to include a link to their homesite. Visit The Fairy Studio to find lots of inspirational pictures and some really useful links.


Linda Fleming said...

I like that! So let's have fun ;)

Louisiana Momma said...

i will give you an AMEN and hallelujia on that one!! :-) Glad to hear you are having fun.. I switched email and dumped all the yahoo groups I had, so I need to go find one or two..