Monday, October 06, 2008

The First Week of October 2008 - a Rant

Last week was a doozy for sure, and I'm not even talking about the stock market. As I sat down to think about what I wanted to write in this post, I'm a little amazed that I am able to think about it calmly. If I had *known* what the week would bring, I would have stayed in bed.

In spite of the fact that the Oregon Rains came early this year, we got our corn crop safely harvested. It's all cut, siloed, and covered with no delays and no accidents for another year, thank God!

I had a cold and felt like @#$%^&*( all week. Ugh! What made the sinus issues even less fun than usual this time was our neighbor's new "bird cannon" which goes off at irregular intervals every few minutes. It's not that loud, but oh! when you have a headache...!

My sewing machine is STILL in the shop. I drove to the city on Saturday to demand its return, but there it was still in pieces on the work bench. I have no idea what is going on, so I raised the roof a little. I hope I managed to light a fire under SOMEBODY. Time's a-wastin' and I need to get a costume put together for my DOD doll before the challenge deadline.

Fortunately, I still have a healthy supply of Paverpol, Aves Apoxy, glue, and paint. :-) She now has her "wooden" shoes at least.

Our TV died. (At least my little 25 year old b/w portable is still usable for another few months so Jake won't miss his beloved football.) I miss the movies I put on for background noise, but at least I was able to use the time to work on my current rotation of projects.

So, what do I have to share this week? Messes, that's what. I haven't managed to actually FINISH anything, which might be contributing to my crankiness, but Progress Is Being Made, so, oh well...!

Below is my 4th attempt to create a believable illusion of sea foam floating on the wind on my Tide Pool piece. I mentioned the rains came early here this year -- I think the humidity is affecting the Paverpol's ability to harden enough to stay in place without drooping. If this doesn't work, I will put her aside until we have a few drier days. So far, so good though.

Here's another little Mess-In-Progress I've been playing with. I always have little bits of apoxy left when I work with it and I hate to waste it, so I've been adding the little dibs and dabs to the inside cover of this box. This weekend I decided it was pretty much done, so today I am painting it. The colors complement the piece of hand-dyed silk velvet that lines the bottom of the box. Note to Self: Next time, paint the lid THEN add the velvet.

I don't know how well you can see them, but the brownish bits on the tinfoil are little accent pieces I sculpted that will fit inside the bottom of the box. When these all dry, I can varnish them, glue them in, and get everything ready for a sprinkling of micromarbles and glitter. Ah, don't you just love sparkly stuff!!

I've got one more picture for you -- a close-up of the inside cover of the box. Do you think I might have gotten a little carried away? ...hee hee...


Judi W. said...

It's amazing how lots of little things tend to add up to become a major annoyance! Here's hoping the coming week is better!

Love the box - and there's no such thing as 'too much'!!!

Kai said...

Well, I bet ALL of your so-called 'messes' will end up being masterpieces! Everyone has a week like that now & then, tho' I hate to think of someone as sweet as YOU having one. But, hey! You DID win my 100th post drawing! Bwahahahaha! (As if THAT should improve your mood one single iota!)

Tracy said...

Hi Judy, don't know how you've coped without your machine!!, would have driven me crazy too.
Love how you have used your left over apoxy, what a great idea!! I have a box that I haven't finished inside, you have inspired me to use up my left overs :)

Debb said...

Boy you have been busy! I love all of your creature you have done,And I really love the pin cushionI got my doll done and will be putting her up in my album.

Linda Fleming said...

Oh, Judi! I am so sorry to hear that your week was so trying, and that your beloved machine is sitting in pieces. I hope this week goes much better for you.

I love your box- wow! I just finally got around to putting hinges on the one I did. Aren't boxes fun to do?

Shoogles said...

Your box is gorgeous!

Mayra René said...

I wonder who is in Oregon that women who live in or that I have known and are great artists?

I say this because I know Nancy Uldrich working in tears of joy puppets, and Christine Alvarado doll maker of du buh du designesrs and now you know.

and I think that if I live in oregon I was to be as good as you?
because that would direct me to mov Oregon!

I'm really impressed with the sculptures made by you, are admirable and very good.
Good for you

sincerely mayra.

Mayra René said...

I liked very much your blog. I put a link in the mine so that my friends you are visiting.

Linda Fleming said...

Judi, I found out the name of that plant and that they have 6 inch pots of the plant for sale. I have all the detais and links on my blog. I just must get one of thise!

Louisiana Momma said...

everything is beautiful of course, I love that box too, that's my favorite.. I would love to see that detail close up :-)