Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More leaves, branches, twigs... when will it end?

Sorry for deleting the comment button after my last post -- a spammer found me the other day, so I just wanted to make it harder for any more to crash my blog. I put everything back to where it was today, so PLEASE leave me a comment!

(Don't you just wish that the people who work so hard at spamming would use their energy and talents toward something... if not more useful, AT LEAST less annoying!?)


I added leaves to the tree and thought "it is good". At least when viewed from the front. When I turned it to a different angle I realized that my tree looked more like a peacock's tail -- all gorgeous arcs and curves until viewed from the side, when it showed as totally flat.

So... I added some more branches.

(Full disclosure: this photo has been altered to enhance the contrast and show detail.)

Woo Hoo, now it's looking good. I especially like the way the face is somewhat obscured. This afternoon I added some smaller twigs, and I hope to add the last leaves tomorrow when the branches and twigs are stable enough to work on.

Yesterday, I was about to give up. Today... I'm pretty happy!


Judi W. said...

That is absolutely phenomenal! I can't wait to see it painted up! I don't think you realize just how talented you are in so many areas! You rock, girl!

Shashi Nayagam said...

What an awesome box it is going to be!! I tried to comment yesterday and thought perhaps it was me now I know.

Linda Fleming said...

Looks wonderfil, Judi! (I cracked up at your "full disclosure" -hee hee)

MaryO said...

Oh, it's fa-a-bulous! I knew you would come up with a perfect solution.

Jacque Uetz said...

Wonderful did it!!

Sprite said...

Looking wonderful Judi!!

Big hugs,

Yvette said...

Hi Judi :o)

I had such a wonderful time looking at your blog. Your work is just beautiful! Your box and dolls are fabulous!!!!
You are very talented!
Your granddaughter is darling-what a beautiful smile.
I also love your goblet with the skeleton hand. You should enter it in the challange. It is great!!!

Kai said...

Give up???? Noooooo! First of all, I don't think you ever REALLY would, anyway! Second, you always tend to step back, see the whole picture, and know EXACTLY what a piece needs. This is a perfect example of that. Beautiful!

Debb said...

I love the tree so coolI'll be glad to takeoff your hands when your done ( ha ,ha ).And your daughter picture looks so good