Monday, July 07, 2008


I haven't gotten much done lately. I had a nice long 4-day holiday weekend, but it was filled with distractions, including this big one...

My granddaughter Annika is 4 months old already, and as far as I know, this is the first photo anyone has gotten of her smiling AT the camera. My son is holding her across one arm like a football, and I sat under his feet to snap this pic. I kind of got the feeling that he thought I was a little nuts, but I think catching this moment was worth a small loss of dignity.

I spent most of my play time with my continuing experiments in Photoshop Elements. I have just discovered Actions. Oh my!

It was nearly dark when I took this next photo, but not nearly dark enough to produce the image I had planned. I was experimenting with long exposure times, so here the sky looks as if it is still full daylight. Oh well... I'll try again next year.

My daughter snapped this photo of herself after having had her makeup professionally applied...

... and this is what I did with it.

I did some basic editing on my own, and then applied an action called "Gothic Glow" that I found at ATNCentral. Lots of fun toys for Photoshop there! They don't all work with Elements, but some of them do, and just looking around on the site was an education. It took me 3 days to figure it all out, so I guess that this counts as my latest "finished project", LOL.

I'm not done with this photo quite yet, but I wanted SOMETHING to post this week. Hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful 4th of July!


MaryO said...

Oh, doesn't she look lovely! I wish I were as adept as you are with Elements! Your pictures are great.
And that must be the cutest baby picture ever. Darling child.

Linda Fleming said...

What a darling photo of your grand daughter! And your daughter is a beauty with or without make-up.

Isn't it a blast playing with photos and graphics? And it is very addicting- I have been playing with Paint Shop Pro since 2000, and have bought every update they release- it just gets better and better- all the things you can do is just mind boggling.

Kai said...

That little baby is absolutely the most precious thing EVER! I just want to cuddle her! And you, lil' friend are doing beautifully with the PhotoShop Elements! I've made NO headway but you have learned so much!

Louisiana Momma said...

cool photo shop stuff!! I have that one on my wish list :-) Thanks for the comments on my page - I need your email addy again so I can respond to your posts..