Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Distraction

I have been busy -- I have! -- but instead of photographing my finished objects, I have been enjoying a series of deliciously beautiful summer days. I promise to get some photos of my finished objects up soon, but in the meantime, these beautiful days are so precious and so few, it seems like a terrible waste to spend them inside.

We had some excitement here today -- a camera crew came to our farm to shoot a commercial featuring Jake and our creamery's products. It was very interesting as well as educational to watch them work, and I got a chance to play with my camera as well.

The shoot was originally scheduled for this morning, and Jake and I were up at an even more ungodly hour than usual, but the weather was cloudy for the first time in weeks and the light just wasn't good enough. The photographer and his crew came back this evening instead to take advantage of the afternoon sun.

While Jake is not stereotypically handsome, he is very photogenic and has a great presence. Even the cows were curious. After all, their quiet pasture is not often invaded by so many humans. (I'm practicing portraits this week -- I'm pretty sure that the book I'm working from sort of meant for me to work with humans, but I like this one anyway.)

For every picture I shot, the real photographer shot about 25. I could NOT believe the size of his camera nor the variety of his lenses! I'm not envious though -- I am barely smart enough to operate my own camera.

Eventually they got what they wanted and went away again. I look forward to see what comes out of all of this, but no matter what, it was SO much more fun than spending the evening watching TV!


MaryO said...

Judi, if that's Jake holding the product, he looks pretty handsome from here. And your shot of the cows is fabulous! (I love cows, they look so peaceful and contented).

Linda Fleming said...

Wow- your Jake is a hunk! Does he work out, or just in shape from doing farm work?

I had idea that your dairy was so big that you run ads for it. I guess I thought you just milked a few cows and sold the milk to a conmercial dairy. I didn't realize you are a commercial dairy!

And what pretty cows you have! I love cows' eyes.

Kai said...

I hope when the commercial airs, you will have a way of transmitting it to you-tube for us to see! (Tell Jake I am wondering if we have to ask for his autograph now BEFORE we are formally introduced. LOL!) You are getting VERY good with that camera, you know! IMPRESSIVE!

Bear said...

Hi Judi
wowee your DH is very cute girlfriend- and I love your photos heck you are really good with a camera in your hands as well- and those cows wowee thats really pretty pic love it all
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxoxo

Shashi Nayagam said...

You have a handsome hubby and looks like fun taking pictures and watching the professionals do it.

Judi W. said...

Are you going to show Jake all these comments? LOL I agree with everyone else and I also like the cow photo. Sounds like it was pretty neat having the camera crew there. Let us know when the commercial is out - maybe we can see it somehow.