Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I have a new camera...

...and I am beginning to wonder if I am smart enough to use it, LOL! Actually, I am becoming more confident with my "eye" every day, but remembering which settings to use (without having to stop and think about it...) well, I'm not there yet. I will keep at it though. I may never be the next Annie Lebowitz, but it won't be for lack of trying.

The other night we had an evening from Eden dropped into the miserable excuse for spring that is Oregon in 2008. Jake told me that there were ducklings on the lagoon, so we took advantage of a lovely evening to walk out to see if we could spot them.

Our first mistake was to take Sailor the dachshund with us for the walk. (Seriously... what WERE we thinking! Ducklings... and a dog? aghhhhh...!)

We hadn't even cleared the barn yard before he spotted a cat and went into full voice! (That's Chrissy, the Calf Barn Cat. Does she look at ALL worried to you?)

Jake's legs are much longer than mine, so he got quite a ways ahead of me as we walked up the hay alley to the gate that would let us out into the lagoon field. I like that "artyness" of this shot. (Oooh, it's in focus too!)

I was playing with my telephoto lens... this cow was a good 6feet away from me, but just look at all the detail captured in her face. She is a sweetheart Jake says -- you can see it in her eyes -- and I can almost smell her sweet grass breath from the photo.

When we got across the field to the lagoon we saw 2 nests of ducklings floating peacefully on the water with their parents, but by the time I got my lens to focus, they were half way across to the other side. The adults have long since flown away...

In an effort to try to end around and get a better shot, Lydia took Sailor under control. Too late. The ducklings were GONE! (We thought we saw where they went, but by the time we got there... nothing.) I still love this picture though. Can you SEE the tension in Sailor's body and how badly he wants to leap down and give chase? As if a dachshund could ever run fast enough to catch... anything, LOL!

As we walked back to the house, I decided to take a shot of Mt. Hood, seeing as how it was actually visible for the first time in months. I knew about the foreshortening effect of the telephoto lens, but I had no idea it would bring the mountain THIS close. This will be something fun to play with in the future.

One last treat for the evening... a guy in a personal aircraft flew by over our heads. My old camera would never have gotten a shot like this.

I know I have a lot to learn, but I am looking forward to the lessons.


Kai said...

It's such fun seeing you enjoying your camera! Wow! You got some great shots, too! My favorite is the one of Jake. Again, it shows your natural eye for art!

Judi W. said...

Great shots! I like the one of your daughter with Sailor best.

Linda Fleming said...

Great photos, Judi! I think you are doing great with your new camera. Mike got me one like yours, but it was too much camera and confusing for me, so I gave it back to him and went back to my little Sony Cybershot. He is doing great with it, but it was too much for me ;)