Saturday, June 07, 2008


I set myself to finish this painting today, and I *think* I did. I'm not sure. I'm going to let it sit for a few days and then look at it again to see what there is to see with fresh eyes. In the meantime, here it is: "Blue Butterfly Spirit: a tribute to Laurel Burch."

I have worked on the mermaid collage since I last posted photos. I'm teaching myself to use a new camera though, so I was happy enough to get a decent photo of just the ONE painting today.

I do have one last little Being to share though. Remember the mask I made for my daughter's prom? Her best friend since first grade elected not to wear a real mask, but to do her make-up in such as way as to suggest a mask. I was completely blown away by the photos, which immediately suggested a doll to me. I don't have permission to post her photo yet, but I can share this cloth-over-clay mask. Meet "Diana, a Dance Sprite".

The mold is "Elodie Whisper", from an original sculpt by Sherry Goshon. Darn it, will I EVER learn to catch an accurate photograph of an item embellished with Pearl-Ex?


HElen said...

Wonderful work on your painting!
Beautiful !

MaryO said...

The mask is cute, but the painting is undeniably beautiful! Doesn't need another thing!!

Kerry said...

The painting is fabulous just how it is, perfect!!

Kai said...

That painting is amazing! Very serene. Regardless of my efforts, I do not seem to have the gift you & Shashi have for picking up painting techniques! The lil' mask? Darling! The eyes are so REAL I believe they have the capability of shedding tears! Beautiful! How'd you make them look so alive?

Judi W. said...

Your painting is absolutely stunning! I hope you have a prominent place picked out in your home to display it! I can't imagine what else it would need but things always look different in person. Love the little face too - if your daughter's bf's makeup was done in similar fashion to your doll she must have looked spectacular! I hope you get permission to blog her photo.