Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I hope Father's Day was filled with the joy it ought to bring for everyone who reads this. I know there are bad fathers out there, so perhaps for some the day is painful instead, and oh! I am so sorry! But I am blessed with a wonderful Father of my own, and blessed again to be married to the wonderful father of my kids. I don't tell them how much I appreciate them nearly as often as I should, but I hope they know how much I love them anyway.

Another blessing of the day was the special music number at our church. One of our men sang Stephen Curtis Chapman's "Cinderella" while 3 sets of dads and daughters danced. It was so beautiful and touching I had to bring along the new camera -- I hope I didn't bother anybody. Look though... no flash!

Who WOULDN'T want to give this darling little princess a big twirl?

These waltzers looked as if they were floating. The grace and ease with which they danced was a pleasure to watch.

Alice danced the part of the 3rd daughter, the bride-to-be. I confess... I cried.

Jake isn't much of a dancer ordinarily, but he held his end up. Aren't they a beautiful couple? He's going to have a hard time of it when he real Wedding Waltz plays, and I don't mean with just the steps.

I'm so glad the clock hasn't quite "struck midnight" for us just yet.


Judi W. said...

Sounds like it was wonderful to watch. She looks so graceful. Must have been a very special presentation.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Judi, I wish I could have been there. The dances have always made me cry -- I teared up just looking at your photos. I'm sure it was stunning!

Linda Fleming said...

What a very special day for your family! I love the photos, especially of Alice and jake- very touching.

MaryO said...

Well count me among the teary-eyed. These are wonderful pictures, Judi, and you must have been very proud of your lovely daughter and handsome husband!

Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

WOW truly wonderful and what a perfect memory for all...and yepper i would have been teary myself...oh my

Anonymous said...

I swear Judi, your blog gets me blubbering all the time. As you know I have a soft spot for farmers as I come from farming stock. Your Jake is a fine man, you are a lucky woman, and he, an equally lucky man.

Bear said...

Oh my Judi A
wot a wonderful day for them all and for you and all in the audience. Like others I started to weep at he sight of them n they are still piccies oh my your Daughter also was so graceful and so pretty yes I love seeing little ones given a big twirl and she does look so princess!
I can see wot a magical day it was
thank you Judi A
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxo

Kai said...

Well, holy cow! I'm glad I'm not the ONLY one who cried! Beautiful pictures! I think your family is AWESOME!