Saturday, April 21, 2007

April in Oregon... sigh..

It's been cold here... and wet... and COLD! What would YOU do under the circumstances?? Personally, I think my beloved little companion "Sailor" the dachschund has absolutely the right coping skills in place. Snuggled as deep and down and under something warm and cuddly as ever could be possible, LOL!

I, however, have been doing some spring cleaning and continuing with my beading on the collar I have already posted. I realised after I began adding fringe that I needed to construct a closure to determine how the finished collar would hang from my neck, so I could THEN determine where the center point of the fringe should be. Math and theory are good, but reality has its own way of imposing itself on a project, LOL!

So I have constructed two more small beaded pieces to form the base for the closure. Once I attach the pieces I can determine whether the thing FITS me or not, and whether or not the center of my design actually IS the center of the piece when it actually hangs from a human neck. And THEN I can finish adding the fringe. Oh, I hope this one is going to be as good as I hope it will be.

I'm learning...!


Linda said...

Awww Judi, i love the photo of your little Sailor. I don't think I have seenhim before. How come he doesn't have a blog? We have about 5 daschie bloggers in our group. Come on- don't you want to join the rest of us goofy eccentrics that blog as their dog? Hee Hee

That collar is so gorgeous. so it is full size collar that you canwear? That is so cool! You must show us a photo of you wearing it.
I have an oldsweatshirt that is my absolute favorite, but the neck line is raveling apart. Mike wants me to throw it away, but I love it and maybe I can bead a collar for it and salvage it.
Linda F from FL

Judi said...

I think you are going to have to wear something very simple with this so you can show it off. It's going to be a showpiece.

Love how Sailor snuggles down in the cushions. Some of the other daschies like to snuggle under blankets - wonder if it's a breed thing.

Kerry said...

It was gorgeous before you started the fringe and yes you must share a picture with you wearing it. Little Sailor looks so cute all snuggled in, my Tess loves her blanket too and she is black lab/springer mixed so I don't think it is a breed thing, I think it is a spoiled thing.(;

Kai said...

Could I OPEN my big mouth any WIDER? I don't think so. But all I am doing is sitting here, saying, "Oooooooh! Ahhhhhhhh! Oh, my gosh!" I really didn't think it could BE any more beautiful, but it is. You have surpassed yourself, my friend! It IS the most stunning piece I've EVER seen! And I join the chorus of those who want to see you in it when it's completed! Absolutely priceless! And so is Sailor! What a sweety! A SMART one, too!

MaryO said...

It's just beautiful, Judi! I'm so snxious, along with everyone else, to see you wearing this lovely piece!

Louisiana Momma said...

Judi it is exquisite! I am in complete awe of your beading... I so want to learn to bead like that.. how much beading time would you say you put into it??