Saturday, September 16, 2006

More faces

In between the tomatoes and other things, I've been able to sculpt 3 more heads -- these things are addicting! I still have issues with final smoothing, I really feel I am getting the hang of moving the clay around *just* the way I want it to.

I've started adding some Cernit to the ProSculpt -- smoothing is easier, but it's also easier to mash a feature totally out of place. The trade off is worth it though and I will just have to learn to be more careful.

This lady face was done while watching a Patricia Rose video. It's so much easier to remember how to do each step when you work along with an expert. I love the production quality of her videos too -- the camera maintains a nice tight focus on her hands, which is just what I want to be looking at.

This grinning guy was sculpted while Jake was watching football last week. He is modeled after a drawing by Brian Froud from his book "Fairies". The original character from the book is a bit more menacing in appearance, but I think once I get some ears, hair, and a cap on him, he is going to look very close to the way I intended. That doesn't happen to me very often!

This little creature was also modeled after a Froud drawing. I added a little bit of Premo! green and metallic gold to my ProSculpt/Cernit blend and got such a wonderful alien skin tone, not as dark or as green as this photo shows.

He is also good enough that I think I want to go ahead and turn him into a finished figure. For one thing, I have finally managed to use inset eyes successfully. He also survived the final smoothing with almost all facial features completely intact! The left side of his grin sagged a little during baking, but nothing fatal.

I am going to make a mold of this face for my Sculpt-Along list. I can't wait to get some ears on him!


Judi said...

These faces are fantastic! You're just getting better and better and better! I can't wait to see what you do with them!

Kai said...

Ooooooo! I'll buy a mold from you even tho' I had to drop the Sculpt-along group because I was toooooo swamped! Please, please, please? Just tell me how much $$ & I'll get it right to you! Woooohoooo! Your faces are TERRIFIC! You have a real feel for sculpting!

Anonymous said...

Judi took the words out of my mouth. They really are fantastic!