Saturday, September 09, 2006

Clay lessons

I had a nice long afternoon to play yesterday. I made up a few armatures, conditioned some clay, and decided to let my fingers come up with whatever they wanted.

This is the first head I made. Just look at those moonies! I intend to make a mold from this one, so the moonies don't matter so much in this particular piece, but I can tell you I won't make faces from anything other than ProSculpt ever again. This head was made from a flesh/translucent blend of Premo Sculpey. I've never had this problem with sculpey before, so I'm not sure what happened.

This photo was taken in the light of a north window. There are more wrinkles in her than show up in the photo. You can still see the rough spots where she wasn't smoothed properly before baking however. Go figure!

I really like this guy, even though his eyes aren't set evenly into his head. (If you look carefully, you can see that the eye in the right of the photo is set noticeably deeper into the skull.) I think I feel a Santa figure coming on, even if he does look more like Jack Elam than a jolly old elf. Maybe if I give him an eye patch... Just dig that nose though!

I now know that there is more to making a wrinkle though than just carving a line in the clay. If I could only just figure out what it is!

Anyone got any hints??


Kai said...

YIKES! It took me FOREVER to get Blogger to let me comment! Hateful old Blogger! Anyway, these are WONDERFUL! Moonies? What are moonies, please? I'm 'specially in LOVE with your third sculpted head!
I don't see Jack Elam (I adored him!) but someone whose name I believe you are WAY too young to recall - Walter Brennan! He has a GOOD face! A face I'd like to meet! You're great at this, Judi! Make them ALL into marvelous dolls!!!! You just have to!

Sue said...

What fabulous, fabulous faces. I am so envious! If only I could do something like this!

Love your later comments and photos of your harvests, too. I've lived that life, and know how hard you're working!