Monday, September 11, 2006

It has begun...

The corn trucks started rolling in bright and early this morning. That means that controlled chaos will reign at Cascade View Dairy for the next week or so. Sigh... This is my 23rd corn silage season. You'd think I'd be better able to cope with it by now!

Here you see the results of my playday last week. I took all the "CF style" leaves I had made and positioned them around the edge of a little craft mirror. It still needed something though, so I went ahead and made the little frog to sit on a boring stretch of clay.

The detail in the photo isn't as clear as I'd like -- it is very difficult to photograph a mirror! -- but if you look close you can see him looking up at you with the most quizzical expression on his face.



grasshoppa said...


Great job on your mirror! Like your frog and you even added a beetle too. I like the amount of stones you used just a nice accent that blends. CF would be so impressed with this piece.


Judi said...

Okay - who is CF? Whoever he/she is I bet they would love this. It's a wonderful piece. You are a really talented sculptor - those heads you made are all awesome and I just love this little frog!

Sandra Walker said...

I LOVE your Mirror among other things. and yes Liver of sulpher smells to high heaven. nothing like it for sure. Love that ring. The heads are too cool.

MaryO said...

Great work, Judi, I love it!! Now I know what I want to do with my poor savaged mirror. I'm doing only the back of mine, however, and will probably use Apoxie. Yours is wonderful!

Kai said...

Now THERE'S a mirror even KAI may want to look into! Who could resist it with the beautifully done leaves, the very cute buggy and that sweet little frog? (Yes, I confess I am a frog lover, too!) It's just beautiful, Judi! Makes me smile just to look at it!

Anonymous said...

You do some absolutely wonderful work. Love all the paper dolls, the sculpts are lovely and so is the mirror. What a multi talented lady you are.

Linda said...

Love it, Judi!
Linda F from FL