Monday, September 04, 2006

It is a relief to the mind to actually be *finishing* a few of the things I have bought supplies for and put so much time in to. The paper dolls ARE finished for the Doll Street swap -- I never want to touch them again, even though I can think of a few touches I'd like to make... No No NONONONONONONOOOOOO! No more!

I've been on another bead kick lately too. This time it's stones and silver. Yum!!

This bangle is the first wire piece I made. As you can see it is VERY simple. I learned that I prefer more ornate styles, and I DON'T like working with 12 gauge wire. Never again!

I have some of those white marbled lampwork beads left over. I am going to try again -- I can do better.

This ring is made using the instructions from a tutorial on Eni Oken's site. Such eye candy!
I think I want to blacken the silver, but I don't have the chemical to do that yet. I've also heard that it smells dreadful, so maybe I will just let it tarnish the old fashioned way. Heaven knows, the climate here is damp enough!

I just finished this bangle this morning. It is made of sterling and Balinese silver on 14 gauge wire (MUCH better!) featuring a lampwork bead, and set with citrine and peridot faceted rondelles.

The lampwork is a little washed out in the flash. In normal light it picks up and tosses back the colors of the stones beautifully. I almost hope this one doesn't sell!


Anonymous said...

Mom says the last bracelet is just gorgeous! She also says that the two armed paper doll might decide to live with her, tee hee. You've been busy! Can you make me a cool dog collar???

Kai said...

OMG! Judi, what CAN'T you do? I think there must be something in the NAME 'JUDI' that screams 'CREATIVE'! You & Judi W. come up with such wonderful & original things! BOTH paper dolls are awesome! The first one is just TOO cool! The mermaid makes me want to hurry and throw away MY mermaid! LOL! I think the ribbon touches on her are perfection-plus! And the jewelry - OH! I love all 3 pieces - best of all the third bracelet! The ONLY thing that keeps me from asking, "Okay. HOW MUCH? I HAVE to buy it!" is (whew!) I know it won't fit my wrist. I wear 8" bracelets & bracelets are - sigh - ALWAYS 7 - 7 & 1/2"! Thank GOODNESS, or I'd be on bracelet overload! At any rate, your jewelry pieces are exquisite! What's in the middle of the ring? I have crummy vision & couldn't see it. You are on a creative roll! Wonderful results, one & all, my talented friend!