Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Playing Paper Dolls

I am comitted to making 3 paper dolls for a swap on the Doll Street Journal this month, so I thought I had better get them done and get them out of the way. I gave myself an afternoon to do it, but here I am, 4 days later, still far from finished. Sigh...

Will it *always* be this way?

This little mermaid is based on a drawing I did last winter. I still haven't decided what to do with her head, but at least the rest of her pieces fit together.

Patti Culea has some rubber stamps out for making paper dolls, they are so cute and so evocative of her marvelous style... Mine must be my own and not look anything like hers. Hence, no head yet.

The doll at left has been so much fun to design. I think I am going to print out another copy of her pieces, as I have learned that it is easier to color the pieces before cutting them out, as long as the lines are dark enough to see through the color.

She is based on the Hindu goddess Shiva, the one with four arms. She will be jointed, but is intended to be posed sitting in lotus posture. I am saving her embellishments for last. I don't want to ruin her and I need more practice at this!

This guy on the right is colored, partially embellished, and ready to cut out. He is a paper doll version of a Green Man. I have some very neat hand made papers to make his leafy crown and accessories from. I even found a little oak leaf punch so I don't have to cut them all out by hand, thank goodness!

I just wish I had made his outlines a little darker -- he is going to be a challenge to cut out in a few places.

Now I just need to hunt down my paper punch and assemble the pieces before I forget which is supposed to go where.

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Judi said...

These will be awesome! Probably among the best I receive. You can tell when people really put their heart into their work and it shows with everything you do!