Friday, August 25, 2006

I have set the white/white doll aside in disgust... I began the work on her so long ago and my tastes have changed SO much (not to mention my skills!) that I don't even like it anymore. Maybe once I finish her and achieve some distance I might learn to like her again, but for now... ick!

So, what to do???

This little amulet bag is a project I started very enthusiastically ages ago when I was heavily into beading. It is a free pattern available on the 'net by Cheryl Assemi .

So, I ran out of the black Delicas for the background. I went to town and bought some more black "Japanese seed beads", but didn't notice until I got them home that they were 15's rather than 11's -- waaaayyyyy too small. Arghhhhh! That pretty much took the oomph out of my motivation to work on it for... um... several years at least.

"She Who Has the Attention Span of a Grasshopper" is my real name I think...

Anyway, in the fit of disgust the followed the last work session on the white/white doll, I decided to tidy up my bead table to prepare for work on the domino necklaces and I found her again. (I have long since aquired the necessary black beads for other projects...) It only took 2 days of beading to finish her, including the fringe. I was SO CLOSE -- WHY do I do this to myself???

I am happy to have redeemed all those hours and hours of work and taken the project this far. I wish I had the eyesight to keep up with the beadwork, but alas, even with my bifocals, it just isn't happening anymore. Sigh... it's a good thing I have so many hobbies!

Anyway, all she needs now is her strap and she's ready to wear. She is so NOT for sale!


Judi said...

This is absolutely beautiful. The shading is divine. Well worth the wait! Hey - send me the white on white doll .. I'll play with it and send it back!!!

Kai said...

Well Sweety, it may have taken some time to do this amulet for WHATEVER the reason, but I believe things happen when they are SUPPOSED to happen! NOW is the perfect time for you to have completed (except for the handle) this lovely project! It came out beautifully! I JUST bought a book of little beaded bags AND a special needle from joggles that is s'posed to be a no-brainer to thread. (We'll SEE about that!) I must be crazy or VERY ambitious with my one-eyed vision. YOU, however, are just talented! And your white-on-white doll will be exquisite. You'll LOVE her (when she's finished! LOL!)

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful! I have never seen beaded dominos before and this is just amazing. You are so talented.


Kerry said...

Very lovely Judi, I am always in awe of anyone who has the patience to bead in a controlled manner such as this bag. I like to play with beads on my dolls and stuff but always in a wishy washy way, LOL.