Monday, September 26, 2005

Isn't this just a fantastic sunset? I can never get over, no matter how many sunsets I see, how many and varied are the colors. The most captivating aspect is the way the light glows like fire. No painting and no photo will ever be able to capture that quality of light in just that way...

So, now I want to "collect" an equally gorgeous sunrise. After all, Mount Hood is right there just outside my front door to the East. A spectacular sunrise ought to be easy enough to see, right? Well, maybe. If I were to get up early enough, be awake enough to remember what I wanted to do, AND be able to find my camera before the sun was well up it might be possible. I'd better start getting up earlier; the rains will be starting soon and then there simply won't be any sunrises until next February when the winter high pressure systems start rolling in.

Anyway, here is this morning's sunrise. It was pretty enough, but I confess I prefer a few clouds to toss the light around a little more. I know -- picky, Picky!

I've been trying to get back into drawing again. I love to do it, but I get frustrated and quit a little too easily, especially if I get interrupted. It is so hard to regain the single-minded focus that comes over me when I am really into a drawing. This is why I hate the telephone!

I'm taking an online class and so far we have begun with some "ice breaker" exercises to loosen up the muscles and investigate the scope of marks to be made with different points. Yesterday I did a plain old 2B pencil. When I finish here I will get out my pens. It's nice to begin playing like this so deep within my comfort zone. I can reacquaint myself with my pens and pencils in a relaxed and non-threatening way. There can be no performance anxiety when there is no need to produce anything more than a mess. Love it!

(I wonder sometimes if I don't have too much respect for my tools and materials; I need to remind myself that
I own them and not the other way around!)

When I have something worth sharing I will scan it and upload it. ~~Watch this space~~

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