Thursday, September 22, 2005

Escape through dressmaking

Sigh... I really really hate corn harvest season. I can't really say why, except for the fact that there are huge trucks rumbling past the house every few minutes all day. Or the fact that I won't see my husband except to feed him for the next week or so. Maybe it's just old habit; I've hated it so much for so long I just sort of fall into the pattern!

Still, these are the days when I wish I wasn't too old to run away from home. Just for a little while!

Speaking of patterns, today I pulled out the length of burnout velvet and simple duster pattern I bought last month. I have put off working with it for fear of ruining the fabric, but my studio is overflowing and I can't justify buying even one more bead until I clear out some of the accumulated projects. So today it is dressmaking.

The duster turned out beautifully, though I still have to put in the bottom hem. I think I have finally figured out how to fit my back and shoulders. I am still not quite happy with the fit at the front of the underarm, but it lays without a wrinkle and with reasonable range of motion.

I really like wearing drapey, pretty clothes, even if I do spend most of my time in sweats or jeans. I don't know if I want to wear straight or flowy pants with it, but I do want to keep it simple. With a really nice necklace under it.

It will be the perfect thing to wear to TalkFest next week. I can't say that I'm wildly excited about going, but Jake is so excited to be meeting Tony Snow that I have to be there to share the moment with him.

It has been fun to sew again, especially now that the weather has moderated and it's not so hot in the studio. I still have 2 more lengths of fabric on the "use soon" pile. I think I will spend some time going through my patterns and seeing what I want to make with them.

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