Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday's photos - 2 Little Canvases

This weekend has not gone as planned - nothing new there for life on a dairy farm - but it wasn't completely without a bit of free time. I got some work done on my Retreat piece, but when I just couldn't concentrate any more, I dug up a few little canvases and started making colors without thinking. These paintings are based on an online class taught by Jean Bernard, though I'm afraid that there is an essential connection that I have missed while trying to learn her techniques.

(I'm sneaking these in as my Monday photo because I am still trying to learn to shoot interference colors accurately. Can you see them?)

I am not disappointed in how they turned out, only that paintings are "splotchier" than hers. I am going to try again for the smooth color transitions that she achieves.

And she didn't instruct us to add the sprinkle of microbeads, but I can't seem to resist the little things. Using them just makes me so happy!


HElen said...

Love it!
I am taking this class also and love it, now need to do it :)
Judi, You are doing really great!

Jean Bernard said...

Oh my goodness ! You have JudiA'd ! I love it! There is so much depth! I feel like I am looking into the depths of an ocean. Of course you had to add the micro marbles lol trick to getting the interference paints to show up: tilt the canvas at an angle towards the light or sun. Look through the viewing lense of the camera keep tilting the canvas until the interference paint "glows" snap the picture ! oooooooooooo I want to come play. I just saw the "wiggle" motion creating a ray of sun light darting through the deep blue sea and coral beds. AWESOME JudyA'ing!

Jennifer Rose said...

ooh shiny :D love the addition of the beads. Like Jean said tilting the canvas helps a lot to show up the glow in the paint

Serena said...

Lovely pieces, Judi! Well done....and the micro-beads are a nice touch too ~

Michelle Eaton said...

This is great Judi!

Louisiana Momma said...

i have missed your blog since I haven't been blog surfing lately.. but beautiful stuff as always.. about the beads - we got to add our own personal touch right ?! I think it looks great!