Saturday, May 03, 2008

Undercover creativity

It has been a busy and exciting week, and I am deep into the creation of a new doll, one quite different from any I have made before. Unfortunately, I can't share pictures here yet because it is destined for a challenge on Doll Street. It is coming along better than I could have hoped for though. I am experimenting with many new processes, and while none of them have turned out *exactly* as I had planned, each one has worked well in ways I couldn't have anticipated. Very exciting!

I do have a few things I CAN share -- both of the girls have Occasions this week, so I made them each a piece of jewelry to wear. We went to an absolutely wonderful bead shop in Poulsbo, WA last month. They had a delicious assortment of incredible sterling silver findings, and I HAD to have some, so I let each of the girls choose a pendant and a clasp for a necklace. I was amazed and amused at how the girls' choices reflect their personalities.

This one is Alice's, which she plans to wear to her first prom tonight. The pendant is a large pearl wrapped in silver, and the dangles are kyanite and pearls. They are strung together with seed beads, more pearls, and Swarovski crystals. That clasp is so beautiful that it should be featured in a necklace of its own, but I stuck to my word and let her put it on her necklace.

My Lydia is crazy about dinosaurs, so she was excited to find a pendant of fossilized ammonite. Her necklace is make of jade, dyed quartz chips, and "Vitriol" Swarovski crystals which are the coolest color, a green that flashes purple in the light.

We chose the colors to go with the dress I made for her originally, but she ended up wearing something else for the banquet. She still loves the necklace though.

I'll share one last picture before I close for today (and go check and see if my doll is dry enough to work on some more, LOL.) This is Lydia at her coronation as Marion County's Dairy Princess-Ambassador for 2008. She has been working toward winning the title since she was a little girl when her aunt was the princess. Congratulations Lydia!


Helen said...

Oh Judi, both necklaces are so beautiful! And you're right--one is very Alice, the other very Lydia. I loved seeing the picture of the new Marion County Dairy Princess-Ambassador! I'm so sorry we couldn't be there. I'm so proud of Lydia!

Needle Pulling Thread Designs said...

The necklaces are both beautiful Judi! And so is your lovely Lydia, she looks like a princess in the picture! Thanks for shring the photo's!


Kerry said...

The necklaces are both beautiful and congrat's to Lydia, she makes a lovely princess!!

Judi W. said...

How fabulous to achieve a goal that you've had for so very long - congrats to Lydia!

The necklaces are wonderful and I agree that the clasps could be centerpieces in and of themselves!

Can't wait to see your challenge doll!

Kai said...

Lydia looks so beautiful AND so very HAPPY! Those necklaces? DELICIOUS! Judi, your jewewlry pieces are always absolutely perfect! (I agree with you about that clasp! It's just gorgeous!)

Bear said...

oh Judi
the necklaces are beautiful - cant wait to see your challenge doll- I am so intrigued now and LYDIA - CONGRATULATIONS girl you DID it!! well done MUM as well. She looks beautiful Judi please pass on my best wishes may her time be all she wants it to be!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxxo

Linda Fleming said...

Beautiful necklaces- you have such a way with beads and jewelry. And congratulations to Lydia ! How exciting!

Jacque Uetz said...

Judi, you make such beautiful jewerly, those necklaces are awesome! Congrats to Lydia, her dress is lovely!Both of your girls are so pretty..

Yvette said...

Both necklaces are gorgeous!

Congratulations to Lydia. What a wonderful thing to have her dream come true!!

Louisiana Momma said...

I sometimes forget you are a jewelry maker too.. the necklaces are so gorgeous and the pendants are really unique.. the toggles are definately focal bead worthy :-)