Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Waiting on Drying Time

I truly believed I had finished my Dark Fairy Challenge doll last night, but then I thought of one more thing I wanted to do, so I guess it's fair to say that the obsession continues. An obsession it has become! I worked straight through the weekend on it (OK, I did manage to get a little laundry done, but we went out for pizza again, LOL) and it has consumed every leisure moment so far this week as well. I am loving every minute of it.

I'll be able to share pictures soon -- the deadline for entries is next week -- but in the meantime I want to put up what I've been working on to pass the time while the the layers dry.

This first photo is of the canvas I posted a while ago with the decopodged gingko leaves. My intention is to create an image styled after the work of Laurel Birch, specifically the "Swan Goddess" from her Legends book. The leaves are adding such a cool textural element under the paint, really adding to the piece as a whole. I want to wait to work more on this one though until I can concentrate on the painting and do it real justice.

So far, so good!

These little guys I found on my beading desk. I have no idea when or why I began them, but I knew right away that they would make a fun pick-it-up-and-put-it-down project for me to play with that wouldn't suffer too badly if I got distracted. I can't believe I've almost finished the big one already!

Hey, I just discovered that this is my 180-something-th post on this blog. (Oh my!) I believe I will offer one of these beaded beings as a drawing prize for my 200th post. Sounds like fun to me!


Judi W. said...

Your collage piece is going to be sublime! Love how it looks now - can't wait to see it finished.

I also love the beaded piece - the colors are very calming.

Glad to see you are coming alive artistically again! It's been a long winter for a lot of us.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh wow Judi your collage piece is turning out beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished.
Love your beaded pins they are gorgeous.

Linda Fleming said...

Wow- you have all kind of creative things going on. That collage is looking wonderful, and I adore the beaded dolls.

Jacque Uetz said...

Look at that beautiful beading, sure hope I win LOL.I love those little dolls, they could be little fobs, is that what they are called..when you hang scissors??
I love your collage, looks like it should be framed.I have several pieces of Sherry's framed and love them..Great work Judi!

Fran said...

Love your collage piece and your beading. You have been a busy lady.
Love & Hugs

Kerry said...

Love what your doing and I'll be here for the drawing!

Cheryl said...

Your painting is coming along nice. I love your beaded pieces. I don't know how you know which beads to use where but you certainly do.

Yvette said...

Your collage is gorgeous! I love everything about it.

Your pin dolls are wonderful too!!!
(I want to win!!!!!! :o)

I can't wait to see your dark fairy. It sounds exciting!!!