Monday, April 28, 2008

Time to play

I confess to being disappointed that I won't be able to take the credit for Lydia's dress tomorrow night. No lack of ego here, LOL! But it was such a headache and took up so much time... and I just got a call from my oldest son -- he and his wife are going to be able to come down from Washington to attend the banquet with us. NOW I'm excited and relieved that she has a lovely dress to wear and I don't have to sew any more.

Time to play!

I truly believed that I was finished with my contribution to this month's Altered Clothing round robin project. I got to work on this fabulous vest -- isn't it amazing? I found some wild and lovely orange/fuschia irridescent silk to use as binding for the armhole edges. The colors work perfectly with what has already been done, and there was enough left on the bolt to buy some extra to make something for myself as well. (I don't know what yet, but it was too fabulous to leave behind.)

I intended to mail it on last week, but my contact person was in no hurry to receive it, so I kept it long enough to do a little more to it. I cut a few more bias strips to use as ribbon and sewed them to her headdress with beads. NOW I feel I have done enough and will put it in tomorrow's mail. Whew! Another one done.

Next Saturday is Alice's first prom. Their theme this year is a masquerade, so I volunteered to make her mask. I haven't had this much fun playing with glue and scissors in a long time!

I began with a plain black plastic form from the craft store (like the one on the left in the photo) which I cut into a more pleasing shape and sanded down. Then I added paint (layers and layers of paint!) feathers, paperclay, microbeads, glitter, rhinestones, and varnish. I see by looking at the photo that I want to add a little more shading around the paperclay shapes.

Unfortunately, she is getting dressed at a friend's house so I won't be able to see the whole costume in person. However, she is going to take my camera along and get pictures. I have threatened her with dire things if she forgets!


Linda Fleming said...

Wow- it is so interesting to see pieces clothing go thru such amazing transformations as they move from person to person.

Great job on the mask! I hope you share pictures with us.

Judi W. said...

the mask is stunning - bet no one has one as beautiful. The RR piece is intriguing! What is the banquet for? I thought it was a dance!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh wow Judi you are so talented. That dress is looking lovely and what a beautiful mask. All my best wishes for your daughter I am sure her day will be a very special one.

Bear said...

oh Judi
that's sooo amazing- wowee I do love it- and the same with your daughters mask- so beautiful shes going to look just gorjas I just know it
I hope she remembers to take pics or dire things will happen!!
lottsa love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

Patti LaValley said...

this piece is stunning! I would certainly wear it. And thanks for visiting my blog and leaving nice comments about my IW doll!

Kai said...

Those RR pieces are such fun to see in progress! That one is a most interesting piece & will create a lot of attention and admiration for the wearer, I'm sure! The mask is stunning! I adore masks, & that one is so unique and beautiful! As always, great job!